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Gastric Sleeve Surgery Turkey : When obesity threatens your health and dieting and exercise are ineffective, gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey / Antalya may be the answer.

Process and benefits of gastric sleeve surgery
Turkey / Antalya

There are several advantages to having gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey / Antalya. But what exactly is the surgical treatment and who is it appropriate for? In the following tutorial, we answer these and other questions.

Gastric sleeve surgery is an effective approach to minimize stomach size

Part of the stomach is removed in a gastric sleeve procedure in Antalya, leaving a tubular stomach. The volume of the stomach is greatly reduced. Typically, a capacity of 90 to 150 milliliters is desired.

As a result, after the treatment, much less food can be consumed. In this regard, the impact is similar to that of a gastric bypass or a gastric band at first. Another alteration is achieved by gastric sleeve surgery, also known as “sleeve gastrectomy,” which permanently reduces the size of the stomach.

The hormone ghrelin is similarly reduced when a portion of the stomach is removed. The appearance of hunger is due to the messenger substance. Hunger pangs and food cravings are also lessened. A sustained weight loss can be accomplished when the stomach volume is reduced and the onset of satiety is accelerated. If a combination of exercise and a change in food does not provide sufficient results and there is a health-threatening overweight issue, gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey / Antalya may be a viable option.

Turkey's gastric sleeve surgical procedure

In Turkey, sleeve gastrectomy is frequently done laparoscopically. This means that only 3 to 5 minor abdominal incisions are required for stomach reduction. When compared to a big abdominal incision, the wound heals faster. The stomach is clamped off and surgically removed, with the wound edges closed.

Liquid and mushy meals must be ingested first after the surgery till the healing is complete. Nutritional guidance should also be provided.

This is necessary in order to absorb enough macro and micronutrients despite the decreased stomach volume, ensuring supply. Meal frequency and size are also important considerations.

As a result, follow-up care is a key aspect of the surgery and essential for long-term success.

In Antalya, the benefits of gastric sleeve surgery are numerous

Unlike a gastric bypass, there is no reduction in nutrient absorption in the intestine. As a result, the risk of vitamin and mineral deficiency is considerably reduced, and the diet may typically be followed without the use of supplementary supplements.

Unlike a gastric band, there is no need to implant a foreign body into the body. Nonetheless, before deciding to have the surgery, full and detailed information should be given.

We at Aesthetic Travel are happy to provide you with any more information you require and will gladly answer any questions you may have.

Many people find it easier to change their diet when they are not in their regular routine. This is equally as necessary as the initial protection because it is so critical.

Obesity surgery in Turkey / Antalya might help you achieve your ideal weight

Severe obesity puts a load on the body and mind of those who are affected, emphasizing the need to shed weight. Patients can benefit from diets if they modify their eating habits and stick to them for an extended length of time. Because renunciation and drastic adjustments are exhausting, this method of weight loss carries the danger of relapse.

A stomach reduction procedure, such as the gastric bypass in Turkey / Antalya, can help you lose weight without effort or a significant lifestyle modification. One of the three most prevalent stomach reduction treatments in Turkey / Antalya is the bypass approach.

Have a gastric bypass surgery in Antalya, Turkey - information

Gastric bypass surgery is most typically performed utilizing the keyhole approach in Turkey / Antalya. By reducing the patient’s small intestine, the expert surgeon reduces the stomach volume to roughly 15 to 20 ml. The body absorbs less fat and carbohydrates once the small intestine is shortened. The gastric bypass in Turkey / Antalya benefits you in two ways.

Losing weight is simple, and changing your eating habits may be done quickly. Surgeons also suggest the use of a gastric balloon as a third alternative.

Facts about the gastric balloon operation in Antalya, Turkey

The gastric balloon is inserted through an outpatient gastroscopy, or you can swallow the implant. You will feel fuller faster if you have a balloon filled with gas or sodium chloride in your stomach. This permits you to consume less calories and lose weight.

Another benefit for patients receiving the gastric balloon in Turkey / Antalya is the ability to remove the balloon quickly. If necessary, your expert doctor can remove the implant at any moment.

In Turkey / Antalya, what types of gastric procedures are available?

Different stomach surgery solutions are available in our particular clinic for stomach reduction in Turkey / Antalya. Obesity surgery encompasses procedures such as the gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, gastric balloon, and gastric band, among others. It is vital to consider which options are most appropriate for each patient separately. In a personal talk, we will clarify this, and we will also look at the prices of gastric surgery in Turkey / Antalya in this perspective.

How much does gastric surgery cost in Turkey / Antalya?

On our website, we provide full information on the expenses in Turkey / Antalya. The cost of a gastric sleeve, for example, starts at GBP from 2,390. The gastric bypass procedure costs GBP from 2,790, whereas the gastric balloon procedure costs GBP from 1,790.

Again, our advise is that a thorough consultation is necessary in order to decide the optimal surgical procedure. It may therefore be determined how much stomach procedures in Turkey / Antalya cost in the end, based on the operation method.

The price includes the transfers in Turkey / Antalya, as well as all applicable costs associated with the operation, as well as pre- and post-operative care. All prescriptions, medical examinations, English-speaking treatment, and much more are also covered. It’s also a good idea to get complete guidance ahead of time.

Duration of Procedure

1 Hour

Recovery Time

4 Days


2 Tage


from £2,390

Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Turkey / Antalya – Frequently Asked Questions

Obesity is no longer solely a financial issue. It affects people from many walks of life, causing serious health problems as well as physical and social limits. Stomach procedures in Turkey / Antalya allow obese people to regain their normal weight.

Obesity is a serious health hazard. Because it’s not simply about the body lugging around too much fat. The joints have been harmed, there are cardiovascular issues, various organs have been compromised, and life itself has been severely limited. Anyone who is very overweight has difficulty moving, is unable to work, and is unable to participate in social activities.


Before extreme overweight turns into severe obesity, which might lead to bedrest, action should be taken. Gastric surgeries in Turkey / Antalya, which can be performed professionally, competently, and at any time.

The gastric sleeve procedure takes approximately 45 minutes. After stomach reduction surgery in Turkey / Antalya, you can usually get up within a few hours. The next day, you’ll be in great shape.

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